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Japanese girl walking home from the shops; Asakusabashi, Tokyo

I went for a walk with my wife yesterday, showing her a few of the spots I have been scoping out recently for my photo-walks. We started at Akihabara and walked down to Asakusabashi, over to Ryogoku, up to Asakusa and down to Okachimachi. Fair play to the wife, she isnt a big fan of long-distance walking unless it involves shopping. But, we had a really nice walk.

This was down at one of my favourite street spots of late, where Asakusabashi station sort of juts out over the street and forms a sort of tunnel. Long, straight streets are perfect for the 300mm. Especially when they gave a bit of dip and rise going on, like this street does.

Nikon D300

Nikkor 300mm f/4 @ f/4


  1. I can just get lost in this photo. so much details to look at!

    How low were you when you shot this? I'm afraid of taking these types of shots as I might be branded as hentai.

  2. I was kneeling down, using the right-angle viewfinder to get a low angle; maybe 12 inches from the ground. This really accentuates the perspective. I get what you are saying about the hentai thing. I guess people see me with the gear [and I have a photographer's badge permanently attached to my rucksack] and they think 'pro' rather the perv 🙂

  3. haha, nice! I should design, print and wear one of those badges too.

  4. Love this shot, great work….I want to go back to Tokyo!

  5. Am I the only one that perceives this image as the perfect representation of sadness and loneliness of a single human being in a large metropolis?

    Gorgeous composition. I can't wait to switch to Nikon and get one of those right angle adapters. I learned by using a Hasselblad that the perspectives you get with a waist viewfinder are so much more interesting. My theory is that it places the view point at the same height our eyes were when we were children and therefore it triggers and evokes certain primordial feelings that other view point wouldn't be able to trigger. I think the view point here is what makes the picture. Taken from a regular 1.5meters high it would have looked a hentai shot 😉

  6. Francesco, you are absolutely right on the viewpoint. I first picked up a camera as a child. Then I learned on and owned medium format cameras. The perspective from waist-height is so much more interesting for me. Maybe it's the childlike element [I was reminding a student of this the other day] but also it puts the vanishing point – generally – right in the middle [vertically] of the frame. Thanks for leaving your thoughts for me and others to share. Always a pleasure reading what you have to say.

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