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Just before dawn on New Year’s Day; Rainbow Bridge from Takeshiba Pier, Tokyo

I wanted to make a panorama of a whole bunch of shots I took this morning but the colour saturation is quite different in the five separate HDRs that I made. So, it's gonna need a little more work. However, this one has come out nice on its own. Shot from Takeshiba Pier on the morning of the 1st January 2009, whilst waiting for the first sunrise of the new year.

Great light. Lovely fresh morning air. Well, actually it was bloody freezing :-)

Nikon D300

Nikkor 20mm f/3.5 AiS [manual focus]

5-frame bracketed burst blended as an HDR in Photomatix 2.5.4


  1. I think your watermark spoil your photo outlook..

  2. Sorry about the watermark, but before I started using it, I had so much work stolen that now everything is watermarked. It doesnt stop people but it might at least discourage or slow them down.

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