Shinyong in Tokyo: shooting models on location with flash
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Last frame of the day: Shinyong at the parking garage

+Shinyong Lee and I spent a couple of hours out in the streets between Kanda and Akihabara yesterday, shooting a few fashion shots. +Paul Church joined us to help me out with the gear and to soak up a bit of the technique ahead of his starting a 15hr intro course on 'how to work with and shoot models on location and in the studio'.

Great, fun afternoon of messing around with some huge Westcott 7ft umbrellas although for this shot we paired the gear right back to one bare strobe on a stand... partly because we were shooting in the street and needed a minimal gear footprint. In fact, this shot was one of just two we got on the turntable outside the parking garage before the boss told us to stop. I'd juggled the exposure numbers [ISO, shutter-speed, aperture, flash power and flash-to-subject distance] quickly in my head as we walked from one nearby spot to this one... as I knew we'd probably get told to piss off.

Two presses, exactly the right guesses of numbers, 30secs to nail the shot: sorted!

Pleased how this one worked out. I like all the little elements: the turntable, the lines, the sign saying 'Zoid', the arrow, the yellow.

Nikon D700
Nikkor 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6G @ f/8
One SB800 at 1/8th power on a stand at camera left
Custom Nikon Picture Control to simulate the effects of pushing Ektachrome slide film by a couple of stops: i.e. crushed blacks and pumped colours.


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  1. Dig the shadow in this. Well done.

  2. Very cool, and not just the shot, the number juggling and quick set-up was great to see. I'm looking forward to next few weeks!

  3. Using those radio triggers?

  4. Yep, radio triggers. Got four more of them on order and three more strobes. Soon be able to get six strobes behind that Westcott :-))))

  5. Interesting…. I am sorry I still prefer my strobes…. I am just not that good with the speedlights and they can't keep up with me or I can't slow down to them…. 😉

  6. Mate, if I had two profoto lights and a battery pack you wouldn't catch me using speedlites 🙂

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