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Life’s a bench: a little contemplation in Yoyogi Park

I'm just getting ready to head out for our cherry-blossom walk, which is going on along the Shakuji River in northern Tokyo.

A quick posting from the little shoot I did with +Shinyong Lee yesterday. She'll be joining us later today as well: she's at an audition this morning. Good luck, Shinyong!

Shinyong's sort of like my little sister as we have the same birthday, our Chinese sign is the same, we're the same height, similar personality, we get moody at the same time.. happy at the same time. So it's a joy to work with her because we totally understand each other.

My wife, Hiromi, does some part-time work for Shinyong's fashion business. Hiromi says working for Shinyong means it's like having the best and worst of two copies of her husband in her life...

I'm taking the best from that statement.

Poor Hiromi.... :-)

Gear and Processing here?
Nikon D700
Nikkor 135mm f/2 AiS manual focus lens

Shot in a contrasty monochrome. I made a TIFF of it as-was out of the camera. Made another TIFF after first putting the RAW file into a Picture Control I have which mimics Fuji Portra. Put the colour TIFF on top of the mono in Photoshop and faded it back to about 50%. This sort of gives it that 'bleach bypass' feeling [in the old days that meant by-passing the bleach process when developing colour slide film, which left some of the monochrome silvers in the final transparency]. Finally, a 20% pass of one of Color Efex Pro's 'cross processing' filters. All in all, less than 7mins of processing.


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  1. Beautiful, but the shoes give her away as a model. I prefer the spontaneity of catching real people in real situations.

  2. I like that too, +Wataru Tenga. Love candid photography. This isn't that. It's also not meant to be 'me trying to make someone who posed for me look like a normal person sat in the park'.

    It's a model and this was a fashion shoot… 🙂

  3. Lovely photo +Alfie Goodrich – and have fun at the photowalk 🙂

  4. So you draw a distinct line between the two. I prefer to have the lines blurred (speaking as a consumer, not as a photographer).

  5. +Wataru Tenga Just interested, but what about the shoes is giving her away as a model?

  6. 30 some years of observing women in Tokyo parks.

  7. I see. Thought you might be having that impression because of the (extreme) heels 🙂 Sort of reminds me of my previous better Korean half literally climbing cliffs in almost the same shoes like this. How these girls do it – no idea, but definitely respect to them! haha

  8. I like the way you handled the light in this image, it's another great pic. imho 😉

  9. Beautiful model, perfectly captured.

  10. +Wataru Tenga If I am out with the express intention if shooting a model for fashion photos, that's what I do. I guess looking at this as a consumer, seeing that it is a single image and not part if a fashion magazine layout, it is out of context slightly. But, yes, I do certainly draw a line between candid shots of strangers and posed shots. I don't mind ambiguity but I am not into deception in my work. 🙂 thanks for your comments. Always good to explain and think about my work.

  11. P.S. in some Tokyo parks these shoes wouldn't be out of place 🙂

  12. +Alfie Goodrich I was just about to make that point myself: here in Osaka that's a decently conservative, fairly subdued outfit 🙂

  13. They look great on her, great shot Mr Alfie .

  14. Nice, Did Tom get hold of you ??

  15. The bokeh i great in this picture ! Love also the color and the position of the girl.The sharpness on the right spot . Excellent !!

  16. My daughter was born the same day of me with 45 years difference but she has a really strong caracter. I don't think I get this caracter! But my wife she telling Yes with her head looking at me now

  17. +Anita Frump Tom and I tried to hook up but I have had a busy week and he was running around too.. so it didnt happen.

  18. Hopefully you guys can hook up later. He's looking for a photographer         who is living there can show him around. according to his post, looks like he's in the same area,not sure. the cherry blossom is so beautiful…   I am sure he would like to take some model photos. 

    the f/2 Ais2 manual focus lens is only for Nikon ??

  19. This lens +Anita Frump is for Nikon. Most manufacturers have an f/2 135mm though, in AF and MF. I'll try and get hold of Tom again…. 🙂

  20. thanks !! I'll have to check it out..

  21. test smart-alec response to obviously non-informative comment

  22. I have plugins on my wordpress site that pull in all G+ posts and comments. That's why that 'test comment' was there +Jan Moren . I have just disabled all commenting on my japanorama site because of the massive impact even of trapping the spam comments before they are published. Just wanted to see if that included the comments posted here, which would be pulled in by the Google + Blog plugin. It doesnt seem to include them which is useful as people can comment here and it's not putting pressure on my server.

  23. Beautiful, awesome composition.

  24. beautiful….especially the postprocessing…I love the tones

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