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Little Kimono People; Tachiaigawa, Japan

We'd been out tpo the Natsu Matsuri [summer festival] in Ueno park and were almost home when I took this, in a little street near our local station: Tachiaigawa. Trying to get these two to stand still and look at me when they were all excited about being up so late was very difficult. Plus, add to that shooting with a manual-focus f/1.2 lens whilst I had a few ales on-board..... boy, do I love to give myself challenges.

Nikon D300

Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai [1979 vintage]

f/1.4 - 400ISO - 1/80th sec

Photoshop Info:

Tweak of colour channels

Overlay of sepia, faded back to 20%

Black and white conversion, faded back to 20%

Saturation tweak