Portrait photography in Tokyo: Joe going 'gangster'
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Location portrait photography in Tokyo: Joe going ‘gangster’

My eldest son and I went out yesterday for a bit of a walk through some cool parts of town he hadn't really been to so much before.

I took the camera, obviously [never go out without one], and one flash.

We shot this at a spot I've known for ages but never shot a portrait in before.


Nikon D3S
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai
SB800 with Hoenl 15degree grid, fired off-camera with a Yongnuo trigger
Ektachrome-P picture control

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  1. This says Attitude! Looks great Alfie…..

  2. This is so 'un-Tokyo' – much more like Melbourne

  3. +Phillip Ebrall This whole area is not long for this world. I would guess that within six months this wall and none of the stuff around it will be there.

  4. A unique record. One of the reasons I enjoy shooting some of the old industrial areas and graffiti…….

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