Autumn momiji - maple - trees in Ueno Park, Tokyo
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Looking up at the last of autumn: Ueno, Tokyo

I spent a few hours around Ueno yesterday with one of my photo students, looking at composition again but this time with a bent on seeing series of images and tying them up into a story.

We'd spent the first hour at McDonalds [free electricity to power the laptop, warm interior and if faced with no other available option.. ok coffee] going through last week's images. We edited down from 222 to 12 in 30mins and I then made two triptychs for her, one from each location we'd been shooting at. Two visual stories, told with three images each. It was a big moment for her I think, seeing the editing process and then the putting together of the best three images to make a story.

Anyway, we took a walk around Ueno Park and managed to find a little last flourish of autumn colour.. which I took the camera out of the bag to shoot. The only thing, apart from a few seagulls, I shot all day. My lessons are not always about me shooting. Just helping you shoot better.

Nikon D700
Pushed Ektachrome effect custom Picture Control.
Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AiS
Images made into a triptych in Photoshop


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  1. Interesting as always – the focus not just on the 'photography' but going right through to the concept, and the presentation of the finished work – great stuff!

  2. That concept and final presentation is what I was teaching the lady yesterday: pre-visualising it all down to the final layout. So, gotta practice what I preach 🙂

  3. Nice colours and compositions wich leads the eyes from down and to the top picture .

  4. He entrado en este blog de casualidad y debo decirte que me ha encantado. Las fotos son espectaculares.Gracias por compartirlas
    Un saludo desde España

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