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Lost in the moment; Ginza, Tokyo

Edie Brickell 'Lost In The Moment':


As my mate Charlie says; 'It's all about getting close.'

..and when you get close with a Frankencamera like the Mamyia in its tilt-shift guise, people look, kind of wonder 'wtf?' and then get back to their business, leaving me to get on with mine.

Was working the plane of focus here to get the dude's eyes and glasses in focus [cos they looked so cool and retro, sort of Harry Palmer from Funeral in Berlin] and then the guy to his right, who had zoned-out somewhere and was looking across the road or into space.

Not easy, working this heavy beast and keeping things sharp across a plane of focus that's a few cigarette papers wide and angling across the shot instead of perpendicular, as it is with using a big aperture and no movements on the camera. Still, what better way to spend a sunny winter afternoon? :-)

Mamiya 645AFDii
Mamiya AutoBellows
Kodak 127mm f/4.7 Ektar from 1948
Mamiya ZD back
Tilt and swing.

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