Mari Nishimura - model in Tokyo
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Mari Nishimura: model in Tokyo

Did a day of shooting yesterday with a bunch of ladies who know +Shinyong Lee and attend her PrixPrix events.

There were a mixture of ladies: some needed portraits for work, some just wanted a decent portrait because they'd never had a decent one taken before. A couple of ladies, including Mari, were new models for Shinyong's fashion business.

Mari and I hadn't shot before and she was a great pleasure to work with.

This lingerie is from the Maison Close range that Shinyong sells.

Techs and specs?
Model: Mari Nishimura
Hair and makeup: Kanako Furuta

Nikon D700
Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 ED IF
Alien Bee Ringflash at 1/8th power, bounced off a nearby white wall at camera right.
One Yongnuo 560ii speedlight bounced into a 72" Westcott umbrella at camera left.
Shot in high contrast black and white.
Border and a tiny bit of extra contrast added in Silver Efex Pro2.


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  1. Excellent work +Alfie Goodrich! Greetings from Germany!

  2. Thanks. Greetings back to you from Tokyo, +Oliver Herrmann 🙂

  3. Great photo and work!
    Selected as ►TOP Photo on Google+◄ for the daily photo theme:
    #10000photographersBWmonochrome by +Robert SKREINER
    & +dietmar rogacki +10000 Photographers BW Monochrome
    and shared at the page: +10000 Photographers BW Monochrome

    greetings from berlin, have a nice sunday. 🙂

  4. A superb image +Alfie Goodrich ! Great monochrome shot!

  5. Thanks +Lisa Borel. Gonna be shooting again with Mari very soon. Really pleased how this came out.

  6. But a pretty, typical Japanese face… one must admit, +YiXuan Zhang 🙂

  7. Beautiful picture!! Great work!!

  8. Typical beautiful Japanese face.
    Other than that, there is just something I like about these B&W's. I just can't get it to be the same.

  9. Most of this +Stephen Nesbitt is done in-camera: higher contrast to blacken the blacks, red filter [in the Nikon Picture Control settings] to lighten the skin. Sharpness also boosted in the picture control. Just added the border in Photoshop and slightly tweaked the contrast a bit more. Main thing is the red filter to make the skin lighter and the contrast boost to crush the blacks.

  10. Thanks Alfie, appreciate the tip. I will have a play.

  11. P.S. +Stephen Nesbitt , she was wearing blue-ish lingerie. So, as blue is the opposite of red, the clothes get blacker with the red filter too.

  12. Maciej Klunder

    Stunning Portrait! greatings from Poland.

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