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Matsuri Mayhem: Tsukishima, Tokyo

Pretty obvious that to get shots like this, one is going to get a thorough soaking.... which I did. But it was worth it. Great action, great energy at this street festival [matsuri], which is prbably because it only happens every three years. The guys carrying the mikoshi [the large shrine on their shoulders] were absolutely charged-up to the max. People all along the route were throwing and spraying water at them. The kids were especially getting into that, of course.

Only thing to do here was put on the uber-wide-angle lens, get right in the middle of the action, hold the camera up at what seemed like sensible angles and rat-a-tat away with the camera on continuous-shooting like a machine-gun.

Myself and the camera were totally soaked by the end of the experience.... great fun! :-)

Nikon D300

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8


  1. amazing work! love it.

  2. wow…really great picture here..very nice..

  3. Beautiful picture, you really captured the joyful atmosphere of the festival. Love the color tones.

  4. great street photography. So much energy tone and texture!

  5. I agree with the others. Great emotion and action.

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