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Me and my city: having some quiet time above Shibuya

Above Shibuya and behind a layer of thick glass is, perhaps, one of the few places you can enjoy some quiet time there.

A recent addition to the skyline of this area of Tokyo is the Hikarie Building. I first went there last year to shoot a little of the TEDx Tokyo event. Since then I have just enjoyed dropping in any time I am passing, to spend a little time on the 11th Floor, at the Sky Lobby: watch the people there, take some shots inside and take in the views of the outside.

It's a good viewing spot. Partly for viewing the established sights of Shibuya but also partly for seeing what is going on with the re-development of the area around the old Toyoku Line station.

At least three more skyscrapers will be arriving in Shibuya between now and 2017. Interesting times.

For now, it's just nice to have a new viewpoint for the current Shibuya.

About this shot

Most of all I liked the way, stood just a foot or two from the glass, you could incorporate so many of the lines - on the ceiling and floor and in the room - with what was going on outside.

I liked the feeling of myself being in the city, eleven floors up in the landscape.

It helps me, on a 2D level, re-live a little of the experience of the city... its layers, how all the reflections, things we see, things we hear and experience in somewhere as dynamic, reflective and layered as Tokyo all tend to blur into one, mixed medium of some kind.


Nikon D800E
Nikkor 20mm f/3.5 AiS


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  1. 是东京涩谷吗?很beauty

  2. Yes, +Saity Seamas, Shibuya from the new Hikarie building there. Thankyou.

  3. I went to a musical there least month and really enjoyed the views too. Always nice to find new views of Shibuya. The reflections really work well here. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I agree with +Scott Grant, that's a really excellent use of an otherwise challenging lighting situation.

  5. Thanks. Two choices here, +Drew Northup: use the reflections which – with all the lines in the room behind me – really projected inside out beyond the glass. Or, put the lens right up against the window and go just for the outside view. Easy decision really: outside view was cool but the reflections joined the two worlds of inside and outside together. Reminded me of the the philosophy behind much of Luis Barragan's architecture, which was essentially to create built, internal spaces which welcomed, joined to and included the outside world.. sort of creating a third space out of where those two worlds joined.

  6. Yes, indeed. I've tried the same sort of thing before but not with that kind of spectacular success. That's an excellent explanation.

  7. I like your pictures. You feel spirit of the city and nature. I wish you much success in your work which is for you as an art.

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