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Miles Davis on my mind: nudes with Miu, Pt.2

Tutu by Miles Davis is one of my favourite albums and greatly influenced not just my ears but my eyes at the time it came out. The cover, a broody monochrome [ever so slightly sepia], was definitely in the style I was feeling matched my mood at the time. I shot a few portraits that year, 1988, in the studio at Mid-Cheshire College of Art & Design, which emulated the style of the album.

Fast-forward 25 years and here I am, today, sat at my computer looking at some shots I recently made with Mini Miu and thinking that there was a distinctly 'Tutu' sort of thing going on.

I'd shot these with Miu direct to monochrome', very largely in the style you see them now. All that's been done is a little darkening, a tiny bit of toning and of course the mirroring and replication of one shot to create the effect of a whole body.

I'm liking how these are working out. Frankly, from straight after the shoot until a couple of days ago, I thought the whole episode had been a bit of a disaster on my part... it's reminded me of another useful thing from 25 years ago and the film days I was enjoying back then: sit on shots for a while, don't feel the need to work on them the minute you get back home. Unless, of course, you want to. A little brewing time between making and baking is sometimes just what you need to see a direction clearly.

Here's a link to the 'Tutu' cover, in case you've never seen it:

Miu's 50px account is here. Be advised, she has some rather racey shots there! :-)

Nikon D700
Nikkor 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6G
Alien Bee Ringflash through its 'Moon Unit' which I have modded into a softbox.

Shot to monochrome in-camera
Duplicated, mirrored, flipped and then a little burning-in and subtle toning in Photoshop to get the very, very dark sepia feel.


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  1. Mini Miu

    What can I say??? COOOOOL!!! Love it. Thoroughly enjoy working with you and your post-production inspiration… 😀

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