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Mount Fuji getting its last splash of sunrise in 2008; Omori, Tokyo

I have a tradition here in Japan; get up early to see the last sunrise of the old year and then get up thenext morning to see the first sunrise of the new year, or the 'hatsuhinode'. The view from our roof here in Tokyo is not so great in the sunrise direction but Fuji-san was looking great this morning and I caught it with its last splash of rising sun form 2008.

Tomorrow morning I am off to see the first sunrise of the new year somewhere down on the Tokyo waterfront. The challenge is to find a spot where I can get the classic Rainbow Bridge/Odaiba/Bayside view without having to beat off the crowds of old men [with their tripods and camera gear] and pushy grandmas. The search is on and I think, courtesy of Google Earth, I may have found myself a nice spot.

Nikon D300

Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 ED @ f/11


  1. jay

    Very beautiful capture.

  2. You've got the eye for sure! Beautiful work!!!

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