Mayo - the drummer with Tokyo band Little Dynamite Sex
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Music photography in Tokyo, Japan: Little Dynamite Sex & Android Baby

Music photography in Tokyo, Japan: Little Dynamite Sex & Android Baby

Last night I went out to shoot two bands at Shibuya's 'Aube' venue.

Once upon a time all I did was music photography.

Over the years I have shot pics of the likes of Joe Strummer, Peter Gabriel, Roger Waters, Issac Hayes and a whole feats of others.

Gotta say, it’s nice to be back in front of the stage. I plan to make it a regular thing from now on.

At the link below, there is a gallery with a load of last night’s shots. None have seen Photoshop but they have had a little tweak in Nikon’s ViewNX software, then just exported to JPEG.

This shot?

Mayo, the drummer with Little Dynamite Sex

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 AF-S G


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  1. Gisle Daus

    Love the energy in this shot. Nice (cross processed?) tones. Didn’t realise that you were using the 85mm 1.4G – it’s probably very nice on the D800e. Remember that you used a 85mm a lot with your D300, but not so much with the D700. I recently bought a used 85mm 1.4D (still with the D700), it’s quite nice.

  2. +Alfie Goodrich While on the subject of music / band photography:

    There's more on the way from where that came from…

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