Tokyo taxi and taxi driver in Ginza, Tkyo, at night
© 2013 Alfie Goodrich. All rights reserved.

My Ongoing Project: taxis and taxi-drivers in Japan

Japan's cities are magical places at night, something I first got a buzz for through films like Blade Runner, Black Rain, the films of Beat Takeshi, older black and white movies whose names I am having a hard time remembering right now.

The taxis are the ships of the night in the cities. For me the taxis and their drivers personify something about the city.

Japan's major cities are oceans of colour and light at night. The cars reflect that back. The drivers slip into the gaps, protrude into the spotlight, are bathed in flashes of coloured neon....

...shooting the taxis is something I can't see myself stopping any time soon. I shot this one the other night in Ginza.

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 135mm f/2 AF-DC @ f/2
Shot at DX crop [200mm and 20MP]

You can see more of the pics I have shot over the years here, on my main website.


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  1. Sir.   I thought I was posting in-line, on topic.  but I dont wann'a jump off any cliff to win

  2. Very well said and shown with a beautiful picture. Japan by night, especially Tokyo, is very special to me too.

  3. Very interesting shots and love those stories behind.

  4. Look at that blue and orange…stunningly good Alfie. Cabbies, hacks, what have you, aren't that interesting here in Bangkok…shame.

  5. Cheers +John Hoare. Good news is I will be in Bangkok on a job in November, for five days. So we'll have chance to catch up mate 🙂

  6. Terrific! Will be good to see you again; beer's are on me…

  7. Great layers in this shot

  8. excellent report d orange sur le bleu de cette photo excellent instant de lumière !

  9. magic captures everything human in what minute think that human being? expression in her eyes!

  10. I wonder why they are always so old…

  11. Beautiful shot ! And such a face expression ! Congrats !

  12. Anne-C

    Beautiful shot. We can feel the magic length of the night.

  13. Love that photo!




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