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Nanako Goes Sci-Fi in Tokyo: International Forum, Yurakucho

I met Nanako-san through the ModelMayhem website. She is living and studying in Toronto at the moment and was back in Tokyo for a couple of weeks.

We shot some pics around Yurakucho and Shimbashi. This one came out really nice. Will probably use this and Nanako as one of the characters in my illustrated novel.

Amazing what you can do on the illuminated pavement outside the International Forum! :-)

Great model, lovely personality.

My son assisted on this shoot. Seven years old and he did a great job with the flash; holding it for me, pointing it in the right direction, flagging it with his hand when necessary. Think we have a little snapper in the making! :-)

Model: Nanako


Photographer: Alfie Goodrich

Assistant: Joe Goodrich

Nikon D300

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8

SB-800 through a Lumiquest III softbox


Removed some items in the black background area.

Cross-processed in Nik3

Bleach-bypassed in Nik3, faded back to 15%.

Made three versions, one bleached, one yellow one cooler and then overlayed and faded/erased portions to get this colour and exposure-balance.

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  1. wow, nice shot, everything came together and this is not ina studia even more amazing. Glad you son could help, hands on, too, nice story.


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