Natsukii: fashion shooting at the abandoned railway, Japan
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Natsuki: fashion shoot at abandoned railway, Japan

The day's shooting we had planned for last Sunday really didn't turn out the way we wanted. That's the way it is sometimes, especially when you are working with locations where you just don't really have any control over what you'll find when you get there.

Such was the case last weekend, when we turned up at the first location - an old hotel, abandoned 13 years ago and which I had recently shot at - to find the city workmen in the final throes of boarding it all up.

We quickly formed a backup plan, moved to some alternate locations about 40kms away and managed to at least salvage our day a little.

The snow blizzard was a very welcome surprise.... and although I didn't get any shots then, I quickly lit a scene for my student which turned out as an amazing shot.

All the scenes we shot this day, about four in all, very quickly lit by me and they all worked great. Very happy with the gear I have now which, though not extravagant, is very capable and superbly flexible in the right hands.

Gear on this shot?

My student's Nikon D800E [I get mine soon... and I can't wait]
Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G
Nikon SB800 bare, lighting Natsuki from the front
2x Yongnuo 560ii speedlights fired from positions on the right and left of the tunnel, halfway up each side, to backlight and throw some light up the top of the tunnel.


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  1. it likes a moon behind XD

  2. While, I still think the second one is not ,not good, for the title is abandoned hotel,and the light should be a little dark, not to be shiny, also the girl should be moved to left, that would be better. Just for suggestions.

  3. It's not an abandoned hotel… that was the location that was closed. This is an abandoned railway tunnel. I always like suggestions. This was originally shot dark and moody, in monochrome. I just preferred the colour and making it a little more bright… as it brought out the details and colours in the immediate background. The shot on the right is the original crop out of the camera. I like to use the shots exactly as shot, as far as cropping is concerned. Thanks for your feedback +Richard Alvis 🙂

  4. Love the pop on this one Alfie. Have armed myself with some Pocket Wizards and a couple of 910s…experimenting at the moment, and hope to work some location-strobist ideas here in Bangkok soon.

  5. Nice shooting , I like that the railway track has the same tapered lines that can be seen in the dress. . The soft blue sky is perfect to .Would have been interesting to see the girl in different positions but of course then you loose the effect with the dresslines.
    Well done Alfie !
    Welcome to visit my page bye the whay !

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