Natsuki Doll in Miyazaki by Alfie Goodrich
© 2012 Alfie Goodrich. All rights reserved.

Natsuki’s smile makes me feel good

This isn't the greatest shot from a technical point of view because I was struggling from this vantage point to control the wooden shrine/notice-board-looking thing in the background. And it's right behind Natsuki's head in this shot.

But, what a smile. We were having such fun at this point of the workshop [the one I did down in Miyazaki back in October] and Natsuki had just relaxed out of 'character', to where she was just letting the fun of the moment naturally bubble to the surface.

I'm glad I snapped this moment.

Natsuki's a great model and after seeing her smile and laugh, it makes me look at some of her 'darker' stuff [a lot of which is truly amazing work, don't get me wrong] and just want to shoot her looking totally happy all the time.

Nikon D700
Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 ED IF
Monochrome done in-camera


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  1. Still a great shot, despite the sign. It's wonderful to catch an unguarded moment.

  2. Big ole stupid grin on my face, viewing this.  ♥

  3. You can never out shoot spontaneity nor pose reality. Great shot despite the sign.

  4. What a fabulous smile , makes the whole picture !
    Spontaneity is often the best for natural pictures that´s for sure !
    Like that Natsuki is a little bit to the right.
    Nice in B&W !

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