Walking along Ikegami Dori, Omori, Tokyo
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Night-time walk along Ikegami Dori: Omori, Tokyo

Shot this one last year on a walk around my wider neighbourhood. This is on the Sanno side of Omori Station, along Ikegami Dori towards Kamata.

The streets here are bordered by covered pavements; kind of an arcade all the way along the street. A lot of the shops have pull-down shutters that have been decorated with paintings. The one with the paining of Mount Fuji on it was a perfect choice to stake out from the alley opposite.

I was waiting for people to walk past. It was kind of quiet being pretty late at night.

This shot worked out well enough..

Nikon D700
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai
1/6th sec to get the blur on the lady
Shot in a high-contrast monochrome setting in-camera


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  1. Did you use a monopod, a tripod, or something that wasn't about to run away?

  2. Great contrast on this one +Alfie Goodrich, it makes the subject feel so much further away.

  3. No monopod or tripod, +Drew Northup. Just squatted down and made a nice stable position.

  4. Thanks +Daniel Treadwell. Love this street for the alleyways and everything just worked out perfectly this evening.

  5. Ahh, ok. I'm not quite good enough at holding still to pull off 1/6 second without IS myself (but with my Pentax I don't need special lenses for it either).

  6. Sniper breathing, +Drew Northup 🙂 and good posture.

  7. Yes, I learned that while learning to shoot. I am sure that I still have much to improve on, but being able to shoot 1/15 without IS was still quite an accomplishment. Having a large immobile object nearby helps as well :-).

  8. Love the woman walking past. Motion blurred except for the shoes! And nicely framed by the alleyway. Well spotted and excellent composition.

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