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Nikon with old Mamiya RB67 lens: shooting the momiji in my local park

Been a while since I've been in the big park near our house. Momiji were beautiful today. Used the last 20mins of the sun and the soft light after dusk to get a load of shots I'm very happy with. Working on a few autumn related projects at the moment, including CD packaging for a composer friend and a new issue of my magazine.

All the stuff today, including this, shot with Nikon D700 fitted with a Fotodiox adaptor and my old Mamiya RB67 127mm f/3.8 lens.

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  1. Very impressive solution… Alfie Goodrich !!
    Reminds me back in 1982, I own a brand new Mamiya RB67 Pro which a year later sold off to a friend. What a big regret ever since. Reason selling: Due to change of new format era.. "Digitalization". So very, very sad experience losing it !

  2. +Mohd Zakaria Abd Rahman I got rid of the body a long time ago. Just hung on to the lenses. Figured they'd become useful at some point again. Still, they're cheap. 90mm in my local shop for 5000¥.

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