Man with an amazing home-made hat, Yokohama, Japan
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Now, THAT is a hat! – after the parade, Yokohama

I was down in Yokohama for a few hours yesterday, doing a lesson with one of my regular students.

Whilst we were in the little park in ChinaTown, we spotted this guy - whom we'd seen earlier but hadn't got a chance to shoot.

There was a festival and parade; this fella had been on his bicycle in the parade. Very happy and very happy to have his photo taken.

Myself and my student didn't stick around for the fireworks and by the time I'd got home and was in a position to get up on my roof and watch the lightning, I'd missed shooting the best of that.

No matter, you can't do everything in one day and getting a nice shot of this fella was good enough for me.

I did, however, get some nice shots of people battling the torrential rain near my local station. I'll post some of those later.

Gear etc?
Nikon D800E
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai @ f/1.2


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  1. Ah, this guy…I have seen some pics of him ever and always wondered how long did he take time to make his hats…

  2. He sat next to me on the train one day.   His hat gets bigger every year…

  3. Seen him a couple of times before but never in position to get a shot of him. 

  4. +Dave Powell his hat gets bigger every year? wow….
    Thanks +Alfie Goodrich it's good to see his hat getting evolution.

  5. So lovely:-)and nice captured.

  6. Thats whats UP Papa….lol

  7. Guess no one told him about wearing a bra with those tits 🙂

  8. +Alfie Goodrich hehehehe…i think its a passion and style,,to get people attention…

  9. Este es un viejo Pedofilo 

  10. And where, +Luis Bentancur do you get that information from? I'd be very careful before you start throwing that sort of accusation around, sir.

  11. I was doing a photo walk in Yokohama yesterday too, what a coincidence. 

  12. この写 真今日のベスト写真の一枚とし て+Photo Mania Japanより選ばれた。
    (Giovanni Piliarvu)

  13. I can`t help to notice his blue tits… Am I sick? 😀

  14. You want me to answer that, +Giovanni Piliarvu ? 🙂

  15. Ha. 🙂 Once you've noticed them, you can't really avoid looking. 

  16. LOL, oh man this is proceless

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