Bicycle in the snow, Omori, Tokyo
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Parked-up for the day: bicycle in the snow, Omori, Tokyo

Just digging through some of the photos from January 14th and the day of snow we had.

Looks set to be a nice, snowy day tomorrow. I've set the day aside to get out with the camera..... looking forward to a little fun in the white stuff.

This bike was right outside our front entrance. Not going anywhere that day.

Nikon D700
20mm f/3.5 AiS
In-camera monochrome


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  1. Very cool.  No pun intended.

  2. I'll take the puns, +James Obayashi 🙂 Being British I have been bestowed with a sense of humour biased to sarcasm and cheap gags anyway. Love it.

  3. One can understand that you did’nt go out that day ! Nice picture anyhow !

    • Alfie Goodrich

      Went out a bit, Ronnie, but the snow was really heavy and wet… that’s a little tough on the gear, the spectacles and the clothing. Plus I’d driven about 800kms in the past day and a half.. back from an aid run in Tohoku. Was a bit tired.

  4. Just in time for another blast tonight…

  5. j'aiame beaucoup,  le minimalisme en photographie car l'absence ( de l 'individu est remarquable)  son vélo sous la neige avec son petit panier pour les courses m indique cependant presque son appartenance ) j aime !

  6. I am pumped … sure hope the weather folks are right!

  7. +Alfie Goodrich haha, indeed! But that didn't stop the trains from being insane today …

  8. Lucky me that I haven't had to go near them, then.

  9. wonderful photos thank you. 🙂
    Nice to meet you!! +Alfie Goodrich Thank you for your adding to me.:) welcome 🙂

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