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Peaceful Japanese temple; Recollections of Arras.

Little trip down to Eifuku with my son, Joe and with Justin. Found a couple of lovely temples and mapped-out the basics of a future photowalk in the area.

This is the style I used to shoot in a lot, during art college years. Expect more in this mode from here on in. Feeling the 'dark' again :-)

A fence around the outside of the back section of the temple provided some photographic inspiration and memories of my first trip to the Somme, and Arras, aged 8.

Mamiya 645AFD II
Mamiya ZD digital back
Carl Zeiss Planar 110mm f/2 @ f/2
Raw processed thru Capture One
Black and white conversion in Photoshop and old film border added from a scan of old transparency.


  1. Beautiful treatment
    Like this mood

  2. bonsoir,
    A very nice graphic shot..great tones, as usual..bravo!

  3. Strong photo. Very strong.

  4. hello, good photo!
    I have seen this picture before in the blog Japanorama is truth?
    was the result of Photowalk

  5. Really nice photo, good work all over!

  6. this is spectacular! I really like all of your images! Congratulations! you have a great signature!

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