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Portrait photography, Tokyo: Joe under the flyover, Nishi-kasai

Yesterday, my eldest son and I went out to do a lesson with one of my students. It was all about shooting some environmental portraits, for a creative project for which we will be making a set of magazine pages.

The brief was to shoot pics of Joe as if he were a teenage athletics sensation. In fact, in reality, he does run the 100m for his school and area.

The brief is in two parts: one we shot yesterday, which is the portraits in his 'local environment'. The other part of the brief is to shoot some action shots of Joe running, probably at a local track.

Nishi-kasai isn't our local neighbourhood, rather it's where my student lives. I haven't been out there for a few years and it was nice to re-connect with the neighbourhood.

Dhiman, who is taking a course of classes with me, had sent some location-hunting snaps and we investigated a couple of the locations, settling on ones that were nearby to places he'd scouted and which would give us some cover from the drizzle and rain.

Dhiman got some lovely shots throughout the day and I got a few with the Hasselblad. Dhiman shoots the Fuji XT-1, which paired beautifully with the Profoto B2 lights we were using.

I'll be posting Dhiman's magazine as son as we have finished it all off.

This shot?
Hasselblad H4D-40
HC 35-90mm
ISO 400
1/160th sec

Profoto B2 with 30degree grid and barn doors at camera right, lighting Joe.

Profoto B2 with snoot, camera far-right, lighting background and underneath of bridge.

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