Monochrome landscape shot with Hasselblad H4D-40, Japan
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Pre-typhoon swells: the coast near Komagawa, Chiba, Japan

Saturday gave me the chance to get out for a day with my two sons, before the start of a busy week of shooting here in Tokyo.

The Boso Peninsula is fairly easy for us to get to as we live on the south side of Tokyo, about 7kms from the entrance to the Aqua Line: a combination of 9kms of tunnel and 6kms of bridge that crosses the southern end of Tokyo Bay.

We drove around about two-thirds of the coast and sent a few hours stopped in one nice spot, just about 2kms from where I got this shot.

At the moment we've just had one typhoon pass us and there's another on a more direct route for our part of Japan. Ahead of the winds, you always get a few days of big ocean swells and that was making for some amazing scenes along the rocky parts of the Boso coastline.

The waves at the place you see in this shot, near Komagawa, were huge. The rocks in the foreground were about 40ft high and to the left, out of shot, there were waves breaching the rocky edge of the harbour.

This was shot on the Hasselblad H4D-40 and 80mm lens. The section at the bottom of this diptych is a 100% view of the bottom right of the shot.

*There's a little more grain that normal, as the Silver Efex Po filter I ran this through [the Hassie doesnt shoot monochrome in-camera] pumped the structure and grain a little.

Amazing scenes with the sea mist that had been around the coast all day. The light was just perfect when we arrived at this spot.

Hasselblad H4D-40
HC 80mm f/2.8

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