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Raining Cats and Dogs; Shimbashi, Tokyo

I was teaching earlier in the day and stayed out to catch some shots of the rain, which I am glad I did but I nearly killed all my equipment doing it! Despite some kind shopkeeper handing me a free umbrella earlier on, I got soaked-through, my bag got soaked-through and when I got home I had a mammoth session of drying out my gear; air-con on 'dry' and full all night, gear in dry-boxes with loads od silica-gel and dessicant. All fine now.

Mind you, worth it :-)

I apologised to my lenses this morning. They forgive me.

Nikon D300

Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 AF D @ f/2


  1. This photo it's a 10+. I like it very much

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. Very well done and I'm glad you made the sacrifice of risking your equipment so your viewers could enjoy this photo!

  3. i like this a lot – it does feel so wet – but i also like the red light – as if it's trying to stop the rain.

  4. I love that mood. Usually one leaves the camera in the pocket with weather like this.

  5. This is one of those shots you hope to walk away with when taking such a risk. Beautiful shot. Love the colors, and of course the rain.

  6. great shoot.. i like the tone and atmosphere there..really nice..

  7. Bryan SoCal

    So incredible to behold. It is like standing in the middle of this downpour and experiencing it all around you. Thanks for keeping me dry !

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