The kids watching the rain and thunder-storm from our flat
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Rainy-day triptych: Ami and Charlie at home yesterday

We had some fairly heavy rain yesterday, with some good thunder and lightning. The kids were glued to the window watching it all. We have a pretty good view from our place on the 8th floor.

See a large version on my Google Plus stream.

The right-most picture of these three shows the car-park below our house and the water coming up out of the drain. This isn't by any means the worst it got. At one point the water was gushing up about 4ft in the air.

Don't think Charlie had heard thunder as loud before, and his little face sort of sums up his slight bewilderment at what was going on.

Tech stuff...

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai
In-camera monochrome


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  1. Black and white surly  suits for this weather…. interesting!

  2. Beautiful.  ♥  (and the water shooting out the drains – eep!)

  3. Wonderful shots from not so wonderful weather.

  4. Really interesting shots and very nice too.

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