Mount Fuji from the Komagatake ropeway
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Re-visiting old shots: Mount Fuji, December 2007

I had an anxious hour yesterday, thinking I had lost all the shots from when we migrated to Japan in October 2007 until the end of that year.

However, after searching all the hard-drives and a load of DVD backups, I had a brain-wave and opened the case of my PC tower. Lo and behold, there was the offending article: a hard-drive that used to be external [when the power supply died I put it inside the PC] with its power cable unplugged.

Plugged it back in and all of 2007's shots were back...

It's good to re-visit old RAW files. When I shot this, on December 4th 2007, I'd had my first DSLR for a month. I'd just bought the 80-200mm f/2.8 ED IF lens and this was pretty much the first trip with it: a bus trip up to Fuji's Fifth Station and the lakes around Hakone, with my good friend the composer Joseph Curiale.

This particular shot was taken from the cable-car coming back down from Mount Komagatake.

Great to see these shots again. Processing it now over what I knew how to get out of a NIkon RAW file five and half years ago was a nice benchmark for how far I've come.

Nikon D300
Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 ED IF


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  1. Dear Alfie, it is hard to lose facts and pictures from some good moments of the past years , which brought us a lot of happiness . The human brain is not able to save adequately all those old informations and views, unfortunately .

  2. I always backup +Henrik Karlsson  Learned that a long time ago. I'm absolutely obsessive about it. Just couldn't figure out where these shots were. It didn't make sense cos I DO backup. At the end of the 'panic hour' figured there must be a drive not switched on somewhere. That was the only explanation. All the external drives were on. One of the internals had a cable adrift.

  3. It's always different the way pros crop it. I would have tried to crop the bottom as close as possible so only Fuji-San is in the frame. 🙂

  4. This is uncropped +Shital Sevekari. Fuji needs the foreground to give it scale and relevance. The eye needs to reach the mountain across the landscape in the foreground. And I only ever really crop in proportion. Doing that here would have lost so much good material. 🙂

  5. Jaysis mate…how good is that. That golden glow behind Fuji-san is absolutely epic. In other news, check your email…

  6. Got the email +John Hoare Be great to see you mate.

  7. That's a lot like finding a lost 100.00 bill in an old pair of pants only better!

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