Fashion shoot in Tokyo with Shinyong Lee
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Rebel, Rebel: Last week’s fashion shoot with Shinyong

At the end of last week, +Shinyong Lee and I headed out to shoot a few pics in an outfit she had put together. Something of a departure from the more 'pretty' clothes I have been shooting her in recently and that she sells for her PrixPrix fashion company.

+Paul Church joined us for the shoot, assisting me with the lighting and making sure myself and Shinyong didn't get run over whilst we were shooting in the street.

The theme was a sort of rebellious, edgy one. So we wanted some streets that would make that work. Between Kanda and Akihabara there are some great backstreets, railway arches and quiet alleys - all grungy and edgy.

We ended up shooting in four separate places: two pairs of locations that were very close to each other. In my sixth year of living here, I know Tokyo pretty well. And I was coming and going from the UK to Tokyo for seven years before that. Picking out places, scouting for the right vibe and just knowing what neighbourhoods will suit each shoot... it's a huge part of knowing one's shit as a photographer. Very satisfying when it all comes together.

Big thanks to Shinyong and Paul for making this a very fun couple of hours.

Gear on this shoot?

Nikon D700
Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 ED IF
Nikkor 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6G
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai
Nikon SB800
Nikon SB26
Nikon SB25
Yonguo radio triggers
Westcott 7' Parabolic Umbrella [black/silver]

Shot with in-camera black and white and colour film-emulated custom picture controls.

Made into a magazine-style layout in Photoshop.


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  1. With a creative photographer and a model who knows what she’ll do it will be magic.
    Cool o neat collage !

  2. Nice collection of location portrait images.

  3. Cool, man. These all look great but the turn table ones are my favs. And the umbrella one, of course 😉

  4. Great layout Alfie. Love the locations you picked.

  5. Stephen Zacharias

    Looks like great fun! Especially like the one with the umbrella as well as the one with green and blue graffiti.

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