Red Cross Hospital, Hiroo, Tokyo, in Tilt-Shift Miniature Mode
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Red Cross Hospital, Hiroo, Tokyo, in Tilt-Shift Miniature Mode

One of the shots I made the other day with the Hasselblad H4D-40, HC80mm lens and the HTS1.5 tilt-shift adaptor. This was shot from the west side of the viewing area on the 52nd floor of the Mori Tower, Tokyo City View, in Roppongi.

I loved the way this collection of buildings looked through the lens. With the sun setting right behind the buildings, and the highlights of the sun catching all the edges of things all the way to the horizon, it was a great view to concentrate on.

Only after processing the shot at home and looking at exactly where it was on the map, did the penny drop in my head... that this is the Red Cross Hospital in Hiroo. It was obvious it was a hospital and I should have realised it was the Niseki Hospital. Crazy. I spent so much time around there, on and off, over the years that I feel stupid for not realising what this place was.

Our youngest son, Charlie, was born there and we go there every so often for check-ups and stuff for him.

Anyway, now I remembered where it is, I feel even more happy with this shot and the others I got of this scene. :-)

Hasselblad H4D-40
HC 80mm f/2.8
HTS1.5 tilt shift adaptor

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  1. Look picture San light zoom point about sport light zoom tower all around it point top tower you stand talk photo? Real sanset light?

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  2. Great shot. Much better photo than displayed on Instagram. The photos on Insta seem to be much darker making it hard to see. This one shows all the detail clearly with the streams of sunlight.

  3. +พรพรรณ สังข์ขาว Dont really understand what exactly you're asking. But, yes, it's real sunset light….

  4. +Richard Henderson Photo quality was always best here. It's just a shame GPlus isnt as busy as it once was.

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