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Room With A View: Mount Fuji from Yamanakako, Japan

This is an older shot of mine, taken back in November 2007 when my family and I visited Yamanashi for a few days of hot springs just after we arrived in Japan. This was Joe, my son, at 5.30am at the window of our hotel room. As you can see, it was quite a view. After waiting three days for the fog to clear we finally got out view of Mount Fuji. Not our first but definitely one of the best.


  1. Beautiful picture. Makes we wish I lived in the countryside again so when I open my window I was greeted by mountains and trees not concrete and asphalt.

  2. Thank you! You know how much I love this image… it is so much more than just a picture of the Fuji… it conveys emotions and reminds me of "Eureka", a Japanese movie from 2000

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