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Salarymen in the rain; Hamamatsucho, Tokyo

I have a regular Tuesday photography student up in Azabudai and for a change, last week, instead of going home through Roppongi I walked down past the Tokyo Tower to Hamamatsucho. I just got to the old gate on the main road and the heavens opened. In the shelter of the arch, such shelter that it was with about 15 people huddling there, I got out the 300mm and started shooting.

This crowd of salarymen were heading towards me, a good distance away. The DX crop on the D300 is awesome with this lens sometimes, giving me 450mm and less depth-of-field than normal at f/4. Not a small lens, but fun to shoot with in the street.

Nikon D300

Nikkor 300mm f/4 ED

DR-6 right-angle finder

400 ISO

f/4 @ 1/250th sec

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  1. Very nice mood picture… the color balance is what makes it, and you've done a very good job getting it right..

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