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Sayonara Nukes anti-nuclear demonstration in Tokyo:: 19th September, 2011

Photos from the Sayonara Nukes anti-nuclear march in Tokyo which, by my reckoning, attracted at least 60,000 people... including myself, the wife and our three kids. This shot was made from the top of a chain-link fence I climbed up onto, at the main gathering point before we set off on the march which was, ironically, in the car-park of the hotel my brother-in-law manages: Nihon Seinenkan in Sendagaya. That made me feel better about climbing the fence :-)

Full gallery of about 100+pics at the link below.


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  1. My (Japanese) wife tells me that the mainstream media pay very little attention to these demonstrations; but 60,000 sounds like a lot of people concerned about Japanese politicians and companies like Tepco that are closely related to the politicians. You really captured the number of people well!

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