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Schoolgirl in the rain: Yurakucho, Tokyo

Boy, did it rain today! And it hasn't stopped yet, either. I was down at the press club in Yurakucho, giving a lesson to one my students: an indoor lesson, thank goodness. Not the day to be trapsing around outside but, as Tokyo always looks so great in the rain, I went outside after I finished teaching and did a little shooting. I was under the railway bridge out of the rain, sniping the crowds crossing the road by the station with my 300mm lens. Got some great shots. The light was lovely and the rain, frozen by this fast shutter-speed, looked amazing.

Nikon D300

Nikkor 300mm f/4 ED

500th sec shutter speed @ f/4


  1. I love this, what more is there to say!?!

  2. Elle a l'air d'être bien seule sous la pluie cette demoiselle.


  3. Wow! I love the detail that the fast shutter speed added with the rain drops. Great choice…I feel like I'm there.

  4. I guess this is d beauty of shutter speed..

    excellent pic..

  5. great street shot.

  6. I love this shot. The rain is very well captured and give a great atmosphere on the photo. Good job !

    (sorry for my poor english…)

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