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Schoolkids walking home: near Izumino, Kanagawa

22nd March 2011

We'd spent the night before with friends in Izumino, about 20km out of Yokohama. I'd got drunk. So had Sam. Actually, so had everyone except the kids. This is the way of Taka - our host and the first male friend I had made in Japan back in 2000: you arrive, you drink, you drink everything til it's gone. I knew better and stuck to a set of drinks that I stood a chance of mixing. I was feeling pretty chipper but Sam was nursing a biblical hangover.

The three of us - Sam, Taka and I - had been over to Samukawa Shrine and were heading back to Taka's place, to pick up the rest of the families and head to the hot spring for a bit of much-needed relaxation in the baths.

Shot this through the windscreen of Taka's car. Power-cuts were occuring all the way back to their home. This area had power but half a click back down the road the power was out and had been most of the day. It felt like a Sunday. Maybe it was. It could easily have been a Tuesday. The first two weeks.... hell, frankly the only thing I knew was that it was a day with the letter 'Y' in it.

Such is the reality of life now: rolling blackouts - mostly outside of Tokyo - and an element of edginess to the day.

We're all in it together though. Never been happier to call Japan my home.

Mamiya 645 AFDii

Mamiya 80mm f/1.9

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