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School's out for summer!: Hammamatsucho, Tokyo

Shot this whilst doing an excercise with a student the other day, where we were shooting pre-focused at 3metres and shooting from the hip. We were crossing and re-crossing the zebra-crossing by Hammamatsucho station, as the light under the bridge there is always superb, streaming in from the west side of the bridge and lighting people on one side so well.

Love the slight up-angle I get when shooting vertical, with the camera just held down by the side of my leg. Especially with kids, as you are on their eye-line which makes all the difference from the usual perspective of shooting from the head, where you are always looking down on people. You gotta be on the money with regard to framing and timing. But, practice makes perfect.

Minimal editing to this, just to clone out the very burned-out outline of a lady at top right. The crop is straight out of the camera.

Black and white done in-camera using my 'Monochrome-02' picture control.


Nikon D700
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai @ f/2
Focus set to 3m, shot from the hip... well, from down by the side of my right leg actually :-)

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  1. Great shot, Alfie. This is "Gold"

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