1. Great shot. Can just imagine you wading out in traffic to get her permission 😉

  2. Very nice… how does it feel to be Flickr free? I really hate how they keep mismanaging things over there. They have such a great community and are obviously not able to handle the consequences of their business and technical decisions. I think you did the right thing… By the way can you put larger pictures in your RSS feed? I guess not, else it would be like doing it all over again…

  3. Martin Nieto

    woow! very beautiful! i'll miss to see your work on my flickr's contact page…. i really admire your pictures!!!

  4. i want that lense! beautiful shot.

  5. If you ever need an english/japanese speaking assistant, I'd love to help you out:)

    Seriously though, I love your work. It's the best photography of japan I've ever seen.

  6. hey alfie,

    this one is amazing..i need to get some courage to ask motorcyclists..been wanting to do it for a while…


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