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Service you can rely on: Shinkansen stewardess at Tokyo Station

I was back at Tokyo Station this week, this time with another of my students; Arlon. We spent two hours on the bullet-train platforms at Tokyo Station, soaking up the stories. At first I set a limit for us both; a bit of old-fashioned 'film' discipline to focus the mind on getting the exposure right, picking the subjects carefully and taking one's time to shoot the pic. Each of us shot only 'two rolls of film', i.e. no more than 48-shots and, most importantly, no deleting. A great excercise. I love digital because you CAN see what you are shooting as you go along. But, try this..... it slows you down, gets you some practice at nailing the metering and exposure and makes you think about what you are shooting. Instead of shooting like a machine-gun and deleting like a dervish.

I got a few shots of this lady including this action shot.

Nikon D300

Nikkor 135mm f/2 DC


  1. love this shot!

    it`s more than a picture, but has a deep story in it!!

  2. love this shot!

    it`s more than a picture, but has a deep story in it!!

  3. She looks completely lovely in her make-up and uniform. I love how they completely take care of themselves, even while doing the most apparently mundanest of jobs (I didn't realize this function was available, ps, otherwise I'd have commented about 100+ times already during the previous set of photos! I'll email you privately after I'm done looking through the remainder — these are spot-on extraordinary!)

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