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Shichi, go, san in Tokyo: The Kids’ First ‘Coming of Age’ Ceremony

Shichi, go, san in Tokyo: The Kids' First 'Coming of Age' Ceremony

Last weekend I was out doing a tour for a couple of folks in town from the US and we headed to a shrine I know in Monzen-nakacho. out in the east of Tokyo. The actual neighbourhood is called Tomioka and it has two shrines which are always good at any festival time.

No disappointments last Saturday, with lots of parents out with their kids dressed in colourful kimono.

This shot?
Nikon D3S
Nikkor 135mm f/2 AF-DC @ f/2 with f/2 of rear defocus set on the second aperture ring.

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  1. Well balanced. Which picture control did you use?

  2. Havent put them into the D3S, +Dean Sonneborn. This was just one I made on the fly, starting with Vivid and just making it a tad more sharp and slightly more contrasty. Thanks man.

  3. Interesting,nice picture.

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