Shinjuku skyscrapers in the mist, from Asaksa-mitsuke
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Shinjuku skyscrapers in the mist, from Asaksa-mitsuke

I was doing a shoot for a magazine this morning and during that I noticed what was going on outside the window of the 21st floor conference room I was in at the New Ohtani Garden Court building in Akasaka.....

So, as I was doing OK in the shoot, I took 30secs break to shoot the view.

Amazingly rainy and misty day in Tokyo today. Really like a British November day more than something we get much of here in Japan.

You can see the twin towers of the Tokyo Metropolitan Govt. building, the Hyatt Hotel and the NTT Docomo Tower. Akasaka Palace is in the foreground.

Nikon D700
Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 ED IF


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  1. I could not hardly see the view…

  2. Holy cow, +Alfie Goodrich !  This is crazy!  Wow.  Incredible.

  3. Lovely picture, fog or smog ?

    • Alfie Goodrich

      It’s fog, Ronnie. Autumn/winter skies tend to be clear of any smog here in Tokyo. Only really an issue in the summer. Thanks for your comment.

  4. And that's why the camera you have with you is the best one. Of course, it helps if you are a working professional and have the best kit with you all the time! 😉

  5. I wish I could have gone there, too!

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