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Shinyong at Meiji Jingu Shrine

Had just been to see a studio space I am thinking of renting when +Shinyong Lee messaged me:

"My style really nice today.... what you doing now?"

Love it when that happens. Means she's into taking some pics and has a nice outfit on. Plus, a few days ago she had a new haircut and we'd not really done any serious shooting since then.

Just so happened that I was out, sort of killing a little time and had just the right two lenses on me for us to have some fun.

We first went to the long path that forms the southern entrance to Meiji Jingu shrine and that's where I got this shot.

We got some great close-ups here as well.. I'll post the, as soon as I can.

So, a great afternoon of impromptu shooting was had. Lovely end to the week.

Gear and processing on this shot?
Nikon D700
Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 ED IF
Shot to monochrome in-camera
Tweaked in Silver Efex Pro to bring back some highlights in the background.


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  1. Beautiful image! Wonderfully composed and posed.

  2. Like the position of the girl !

  3. Awesome haircut! Awesome picture.

  4. The classic bob haircut. Wonderful.

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