Fashion photography in Tokyo: Norie in Daimon
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Shooting with the Kerlee 35mm f/1.2 lens: Norie in Daimon

Norie and I caught up for an hour the other week, to try out a few shots with the Kerlee lens that I was recently sent a pre-production copy of for testing.

Been very happy shooting with it so far.

This shot at f/1.2 on the Nikon D800e, using the Ektachrome 2 Picture Control I made for my Nikons.

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  1. Nice colours. Are they straight from the camera?

  2. +Richard Henderson Yes. Shot with a custom picture control of mine (Ektachrome 2) which has crushed blacks and slightly jacked colors. WB set in-camera to slightly cool down the scene.

  3. great shot and I know nothing about photography, it just looks authentic.

  4. Why doesn’t Canon allow user made in-camera controls like Nikon does? Super jealous the you can do this.

  5. That's amazing. Your updates are literally the only thing I use g+ for. Did you use off-camera flash on this one or is it natural?

  6. All natural light +J Strika . This street is somewhere I've shot a few times before and late in the day it basically gets a little side-light down the length of the street. This old shop is in shade but bringing the model a little out into the street makes her catch the light and pull her out of the darker background. It looks lit, I agree… but it's just nature doing the lighting 🙂 Thanks man.

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