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So, how does it feel to have a camera pointed at YOU mate?

There's a little documentary coming soon with these shots, cos it's all I shot today apart from the iPhone shots I did for fun, with and for Joe. Very interesting watching these people.

This guy in the centre of the picture looking at me, and a few of the others, were decidedly pissed at me for taking photos of them taking photos of all the girls at the Tokyo Auto Salon today. Not that I give a shit. A lot of these guys are extremely creepy, very pushy and they are everywhere. I saw more cameras today than cars.

I was just walking around with Joe and ended up shooting pics of the crowds of amateur photographers at every opportunity. This guy was in almost every shot.

So, mate, how does it feel? Now you know how the poor girl feels.

Nikon D700

Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 @ f/2

Shot straight to mono, using a pic control I set up myself with a bit more contrast, red filter and a touch more sharpness.

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  1. That guy really hates you. Whats the deal with these guys? Is this a trade show? I hate to sound naive but what do they do with the photos? I mean that's a lot of hardware for home fun use. Great job capturing the emotion.

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