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Southbound Keikyu Line Train; Yokohama, Japan

Whilst my wife was out teaching in Yokohama on Tuesday night, I wandered around and shot some pics. Found a little level-crossing near the station, in a deserted area of town which was quite run-down. Tried a few setups but this one worked the best. Timing the shot was critical and that's the great benefit of digital and of a busy train line: lots of attempts to get it right and not burning through a whole roll of film to do so.

I had no tripod with me so I balance the camera on my rucksack, which I had laid on the floor. The Tokina is pretty heavy so I needed something to prop up the front of the lens. The perefct item turned out to be my softpack of Marlboro cigarettes. Voila! Fired with a remote cord, the rig was totally stable.

I was also perilously near to the tracks, being about 6ft the wrong side of the barrier. Got a good 'toot' on the horn from the driver for that! :-)

Nikon D300

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8

1 second @ f/5 and 400ISO

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  1. Was it a gonzo shot? Like, could you have been arrested for being on the other side of the line?

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