Urban landscape in Omori, Tokyo, Japan
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Stormy skies, weird light: late afternoon urban landscape in Omori, Tokyo

Stormy skies, weird light: late afternoon urban landscape in Omori, Tokyo

I was thinking when I shot this yesterday that there was an odd, orange, sandy, dirty feeling to the light. This morning I went outside to use the bicycle to take our youngest son to school and on every surface was a dusty residue. Must have been another one of those Chinese sand imports. We've had a few in past years. It's a common thing, to get clouds of sand and PM2.5 particulate air from China. Normally the clouds don't reach so far up as Tokyo. A few times in the past few years, I have seen significant clouds. There wasn't so much of a significant 'cloud' yesterday but the light had a weird, sandy, yellow tinge to it.

Seems that since the end of February, there have been more incidences of such clouds:


Certainly always makes for a dramatic sky.

Nikon D700
Ektachrome *P picture control made by me and downloadable from my Japanorama website, here: http://japanorama.co.uk/2015/03/10/back-out-in-the-rain-with-the-nikon-d700/

14mm f/2.8 lens
1600 ISO

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  1. Great for an interesting photo, but kind of concerning from a health perspective I would think

  2. The dust is one thing but I'd worry about what's in the 2.5 parts per million particulate.

  3. IT was very windy yesterday as well, a storm coming down from the North was creating that. 

  4. +Alfie Goodrich beautiful and awesome, but it seems to be very dangerous and unhealthy, I struggle to breath in those situations, we get it here as well in the dry season

  5. Looks like some cityscape's we get in Australia when dust storms roll in from the Australian Desert. Nice shot and colours. PS thanks for the inspiration on the Mamiya Lens, the shots are turning out awesome.

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