Street photography in Tokyo, Japan: maiko in Asakusa
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Street photography in Tokyo, Japan: Maiko in Asakusa

Grabbed this one towards the end of our workshop the other day, walking through Asakusa and enjoying the last sunlight of the day.

There were two maiko walking towards me in full kimono and all the makeup. Shifted myself a little to trying and get a good angle. Rickshaw parked itself right in front of ,e at the key moment. I ducked right and got a shot off from the hip. I like all the people in this shot... the lady on the far right with her glance; the tourist in the background happy that she got her shot.

Nice moment.

Nice day out with everyone.

Nikon D700
Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AiS
Focussed at 3metres
Shot from the hip
Shot with my 'Pushed Ektachrome' custom picture control.

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  1. anne

    This is a lovely picture.

  2. Last Saturday, +Jojo Padilla . But myself and one of my friends were out doing a recce for Saturday's walk on the previous Monday. So maybe it was us.

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