Summer festivals in Japan: yukata matsuri in Ginza, Tokyo
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Summer festivals in Japan: yukata matsuri, Ginza

Was out yesterday doing a lesson with one of my photography students and we spent some time around the Yurakucho and Ginza areas of Tokyo.

August is filled with festivals in Japan. So you are very likely to bump into something festive going on anywhere you go.

The main street in Ginza is pedestrianised every Saturday and Sunday but yesterday they had a 'yukata matsuri' on there. The yukata is a summer kimono. Matsuri is the japanese word for festival.

Loads of lovely people out in beautiful yukata.

Great day to be out with the camera.

Have looked back at a few of these in colour, but monochrome just seems to work better for me. It was the mood I was in yesterday anyway and - as usual when I am in that mood - I am shooting direct to monochrome in the camera.

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 135mm f/2 AF-DC @ f/2 and the 1.2crop setting [giving me about 160mm on the lens and 25MP files]

Finding having set my Fn [function button] on the D800E to the crop settings is a great especially when I want to carry less gear and get three focal lengths out of a prime. In this case 135mm and 36MP at FX, 160mm and 25MP at 1.2 crop and 200mm and 20MP at DX.


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  1. I concur, Noice! Can't wait till Sony put their own same sensor into their bodies. Hmm, did that come out right? I was just thinking the other day that using the crop factors on the full frame sensors is a neat way of extending the versatility of your kit.

  2. you find any of em' tall and single,  give em' my contact info

  3. I'm a photographer, +Dustin Willoughby, not a pimp 🙂 Come to Japan yourself… plenty to go around 🙂

  4. I anticipate a new round of jaw-droppers with you, a D800e, and that 135…did you trade out your old Ai-S?

  5. Traded the AiS, got 20,00¥ for that and paid 50,000¥ for the DC. Steal. It's a 1997 lens and is mint.

  6. Almost pulled the 105 here a few weeks back, but decided I'm waiting on the longer one…'twas ever thus…

  7. Really nice in B&W ! Well done with the compo and softed background. Seems like the ladies having sa great time !
    Have a nice day Alfie and welcome to visit my webites or at google+

  8. it's interesting…. I had never listened of these.. and I think it should be great… one more reason for I have to visit Japan

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