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Summer in Tokyo | Mother and daughter, Akihabara

Was digging through my back-catalogue today: this one is from 2010. In fact, two years ago exactly. I remember it being a viciously hot day.

The weather at the moment is cooking up pretty good. Not a big fan of summer in Japan: too humid and the sunlight is so much brighter than the UK.

Still, don't miss UK summers either.


Nikon D700

Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai

Focus set to 3m, shot from the hip at f/2

Black and white done in-camera


  1. Lightweight, beautiful and elegant picture


  2. Pure and classical BW with perfect toning.

  3. Amazing shot, and great composition for something you shot from the hip. And frankly, what amazes me most is the very nice black and white processing you did in-camera. My DSLR doesn't do this as well 🙂

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