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Sunset from our flat looking towards Mount Fuji; Omori, Tokyo, Japan

Well, well, well... what a sunset this evening. Just a shame that Mount Fuji was hiding behind a band of cloud which, over the course of the 30mins I was on the roof of our flat, didnt move hardly at all. Anyway, this evening's sunset was hardly spoiled by it. Far from it in fact. I never tire of standing on our roof watching the view. The winter days when the air is clear here in Tokyo and you get sunsets like this, who could possibly tire of such a scene?

Nikon D300

80-200mm f/2.8 ED IF @ f8

250 ASA / ISO

7-shot bracketed HDR blended with Photomatix.

Very little changed from the original impact of the colour as it was in real life. The HDR was made with a minimum of tone-mapping.

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