Sunset over Tokyo from the Tokyo City View, Mori Tower
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Sunset from the Mori Tower, Tokyo

It's been ages since I went up to the Tokyo City View at the Mori Tower. It's 52floors above Tokyo and in a great spot for seeing the city and for seeing sunsets out towards Mount Fuji.

This view is just to the south and east of Fuji, which was hidden briefly in clouds out of the frame to the right.

Shot with my old, 1991 version of the 300mm f/4 Nikkor, it's pretty sharp but they don't allow tripods in this place so it was at the limit of acceptable ISO on the D800e, handheld and almost wide open on the lens.

I was mainly up there for the daylight, earlier, not the sunset.... shooting with the Hasselblad and the HTS tilt-shift adaptor. I'll post some of those shots later.

Nikon D800e
Nikkor 300mm f/4 AF ED

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